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Ideally located between the train station and the arenas, this 1950s building built by the (not-so) famous architect Pierre Vago, stands proudly in the heart of Place Voltaire.

Bathed in sunshine and enjoying the shade of the plane trees during the hottest hours of the day, this pedestrian square, picturesque and historic, mixes, at the favor of the season , terraces of cafes and restaurants, the locals and the amateurs of ancient remains and contemporary art.

The south in all its splendor, its overflowing but always benevolent energy.


Designed as a tribute to the architectural legacy of the 20th century, our project endeavors to dissolve barriers and surpass conventional limitations.

Our establishment is more than just a mere lodging; it is a vibrant nexus of life, culture, and gastronomy where the value of time is determined solely by how we choose to spend it, encouraging us to live fully and express our innermost selves.

Our hotel embodies a holistic design approach by seamlessly integrating architectural references into its spaces The Hotel Présent is designed to be a sanctuary for a constantly-evolving collection of lighting fixtures, objects, furnishings, artworks, and books from the 1950s to the present day, with no fixed place in either space or time.

The hotel's aesthetic is a bold modernist fusion of raw and refined materials, combining wood, mirrors, ceramics, and concrete in a striking juxtaposition.

Hotel Présent offers a unique retro-futuristic perspective on the present day. 

Its 13 thoughtfully-designed rooms provide guests with both comfort and a sense of beauty.
Beyond serving as a place to stay, Hotel Présent is primarily a culinary destination, with a restaurant, bar, and rooftop terrace that showcases one of the most stunning views of the city.



The Restaurant-Bar

La Piscine

The Bibliothèque



As for the building housing the Présent hotel, it was designed in 1953 through the collaboration of Pierre Vago and a young local architect, Georges Imbert. 

After the Second World War, declining the opportunity to rebuild Le Havre alongside his mentor Auguste Perret, the enigmatic Pierre Vago turned his attention to reconstructing the magnificent city of Arles as the chief architect and above all as an urbanist.

He then decides to free himself from all forms of regionalism or architectural frills, so as not to try to echo the different periods on which Arles was built but rather to respect them in their successive eras, his design has been radically modernist in a need to make its inhabitants forget the past to focus on the future.

It was yesterday, precisely 70 years ago, now we want to offer the present it deserves to this building.

Hôtel Présent / UNIMOCO

5 place Voltaire, Arles, 13200, France